Alan D. Schnitzer* +

Chairman and

Chief Executive Officer


Scott C. Belden+

Senior Vice President, Reinsurance


D. Keith Bell

Senior Vice President, Accounting Standards


Jay S. Benet* +

Vice Chairman


Diane D. Bengston* +

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


Andy F. Bessette* +

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer


Lisa M. Caputo* +

Executive Vice President,

Marketing, Communications

and Customer Experience


Claudiu L. Coltea+

Vice President, Enterprise Customer Experience


Behram M. Dinshaw* +

Executive Vice President and President, Small Commercial and Business Insurance

Business Centers


Daniel S. Frey* +

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Marlyss J. Gage* +

Executive Vice President and Enterprise Chief Underwriting Officer


Myles P. Gibbons+

Senior Vice President and President, Commercial Accounts Group, and

Chief Underwriting Officer, Middle Market




Abbe F. Goldstein+

Senior Vice President,

Investor Relations


Martin J. Henry+

Senior Vice President,

Risk Control


William H. Heyman* +

Vice Chairman and

Chief Investment Officer


Scott F. Higgins* +

Executive Vice President and President, Middle Market, National Property and Business Insurance Field


Bruce R. Jones* +

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management, and Chief Risk Officer


Julie M. Joyce+

Vice President and

Chief Corporate Actuary


Christine K. Kalla* +

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer


Patrick F. Keegan Jr.+

Senior Vice President and President, Construction,

Energy and Marine


Avrohom J. Kess* +

Vice Chairman and

Chief Legal Officer


Patrick J. Kinney* +

Executive Vice President,

Field Management


Michael F. Klein* +

Executive Vice President and President, Personal Insurance


Jeffrey P. Klenk* +

Executive Vice President,

Management Liability,

Bond & Specialty Insurance

Thomas M. Kunkel* +

Executive Vice President and President, Bond & Specialty Insurance


Mojgan M. Lefebvre* +

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Operations and eBusiness


Patrick L. Linehan+

Senior Vice President,

Corporate Communications


William C. Malugen Jr.* + Executive Vice President and President, National Accounts


Eric M. Nelson+

Senior Vice President, Catastrophe Underwriting Risk


Eric Nordquist+

Senior Vice President,

Product Management,

Personal Insurance


Maria Olivo* +

Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, and President, International


Brian P. Reilly

Senior Vice President and

Chief Auditor


Ellen M. Rizzo+

Senior Vice President,

Claim Shared Services, and
Chief Financial Officer,

Claim Services


Timothy D. Rogers+

Senior Vice President,

Chief Financial Officer and

Chief Operating Officer, Business Insurance


David D. Rowland+

Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Douglas K. Russell+

Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller and Treasurer


Scott W. Rynda

Senior Vice President,

Corporate Tax


Richard D. Schug* +

Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary


Peter Schwartz

Senior Vice President and

Group General Counsel,

Corporate Litigation


Nicholas Seminara* +

Executive Vice President,



Wendy C. Skjerven

Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Group

General Counsel


Kevin C. Smith* +

Executive Vice President and

Chief Innovation Officer


Jason Stockwood+

Group Chief Executive Officer,

Simply Business


Gregory C. Toczydlowski* +

Executive Vice President and President, Business Insurance


Glenn E. Westrick

Senior Vice President,

Government Relations


Joan K. Woodward* +

Executive Vice President,

Public Policy, and President,

The Travelers Institute


Daniel T. H. Yin+

Deputy Chief Investment Officer

* Management Committee Member

+ Operating Committee Member

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